This is a promotional video for The Wilton Rancheria Resort & Casino Project. It is designed to create excitement for the upcoming project.

Chicago Title

Elk Grove Ghost Mall Video

Check out this interesting video of Tom Andres hand carving a professional baseball bat from a block of wood.

The Spease Bees Honey Company

No Moss Promotional Video

This video showcases how the Wilton Rancheria Resort & Casino will breath new life into the Elk Grove Mall.

We put together this video of the Spease Bees Story.  It tells how the Spease Family accidentally ended up in the Honey Business.

The first in a series of four Spease Bees Honey Company Ads starring Angela Spease, "The Honey Queen of Elk Grove."

We shot this video for Scott Edward's Farmers Insurance Brokerage. It ran on Comcast.

Rhoads School Fundraiser

Peter Petty & His Orchestra

Kim Amali tells you about everything that her Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center has to offer.

Spease Bees Christmas Video

Sacramento State Athletic Department Promo

Facebook Ad For Scott Edwards Farmers Insurance Agency

We video taped Peter Petty & his Orchestra at his Album Release Party.

We produced this video to showcase the Sponsors of the Elk Grove Run 4 Hunger.

Elk Grove's Run 4 Hunger


This video was produced for the 2014 Fundraising Diamond Dinner for Sacramento State Baseball.  The goal was to showcase the commitment and work ethic of the Sacramento State Hornet Baseball Program.

Sacramento State Baseball Fundraising

This is a promotional video for Realty Round Up Property Management. They manage over 1,700 properties in Northern California.

Realty Round Up Property Management

Comcast Commercial for Scott Edwards

Farmers Insurance

This is a fundraising video for the Rhoads School Scholarship Program.

Wilton Rancheria Resort & Casino

Spease Bees Honey Company Facebook Ad

Commercial for the Sacramento State Athletic Department promoting the upcoming baseball season. We recreated the famous scene from Field of Dreams using the Head Coach and the Starting Line Up.

Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center

A Facebook Ad for Spease Bees Honey Company for their Holiday Sales Promotion.

A Facebook Ad for NO MOSS explaining what they do.

Culjak Bats Handmade Baseball Bats

Video Business Card for Elena Crawford at Chicago Title